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2010, wut ya all think?

I watched this whale war on discovery last night, (thru flipping the channel, well guys do that). It was the most disgusting thing ever.

That fat dumbshit captain is a complete arse. I seriously could not stand their dramas and attitudes of those with the Sea Shepherd. If their reason for the show is to make more people to go againt the japanese whalers then I am sorry, they failed miserably.

If i would be have been the japanese i have shot them without second thought. I mean you are trespassing my properties, damaging, and poses danger to my crews and yet you are saying that I am at fault? you crossed into my ship illegally and you said i kidnaped you? What stupid mentality is that? Last night was about them throwing acid .. smelly fat and etc to the japanese whalers, despite warning from the japanese they keep on with the harrasing. So with a normal HUMAN reaction, the japanese defense theirself by throwing flare grenade to the Sea Shepherd at the same time these so called whale loving peace peoples continue throwing their acid bombs. Then the desperate captain fake a gun shot on the chest by the japanese counterpart. Oh come on, even my nephew can tell that it is a fake. His act is disgusting to the limit that i could throw up! Even my paintball gun hit harder than that.

Don't get me wrong. I love whale and all that. I am againts the killing of animal as well. But hey, if the japanese can go whaling and did not violate any laws, dont you think it is the law that you should go againt and not the poor japanese who is just doing their job just to make a living? or you just love the act of heroism and acting like a maniac (own declare enforcement authority) or balless to goes againt the big gun?

This is so disappointing and plain stupidity. I sympathize those who get fooled by him. Next time get the captain to do some stunt instead of sitting around and get bossy. I would love to see some of that.

PEACE! duh!!!

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As a malaysian, 1 fine day you decided.. ok this is it! no more piracy. Let's get some legimate music.

The first thing you would think of will be the Malaysia Apple iTunes store. Cool right? nope.. not at all. The store doesn't sell any music at all. yes! no music, NONE! only applications.

So you are pretty frustrated, you head to amazon.com. Guess what? "not available in your country". WTF again? What is wrong with these company? Why are they not selling us Malaysian any music? Ha.. the problem lies not with these giant corp, it is the country. This fcuk up country that I live in. I guess due to the problem of rates of piracy in Malaysia, you can buy a new album release today and by tomorrow you'll see millions of copy on the street. This is WHY.

then comes to the question, why Malaysian tent to go for copy? be it music's or movies? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FCUKING GET/FIND ANYTHING HERE. There are either can't be found or censored (ridiculously) or banned from the country. So sometimes I do really have to say.


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Well, it is always an excuse for party in Malaysia when it comes to any public holidays. As long as there is a holiday for tomorrow, tonight the clubbing scene will be a madness. As we had a little too much club night out yesteryears, me and my bunchs (ain't young anymore) now frequent more to a quiet bar or a KTV for some obvious reason that we Asian just can't resist to do a little singing here and there.

So same goes for last night as some friends get a day off today for the Deepavali (festival of light)replacement holiday, we head to a KTV bar at upper Penang Road, D'Joint KTV & Bar. We've pretty much a frequent to the joint now with our attendance every Friday night for a happy hour. Me and my bunch of malaysian idol wannabe that is. Since then our choice of is is none other than Guinness Draught.

Had about 7 pint of Guinness Draught last nite and this morning is amazing. No hangover or whatsoever that you would expect from drinking beers. It cost a little more but I can tell you it well worth it. With beers, you wake up the next morning feel and look like a zombie, your head is completely messed up! never ending thirst down your throat; ache all over your body and you wouldn't even know if you did your dog by the lawn.

So for the reason being, especially f**king the dog part. Vote for no hangover :P

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I thought everyone is going green? so much hype and advert to remind the peoples to preserve the environment. Use less paper = less lodging and yet look at this.

This is the amount of letter/flyers/catalogue/etc i get monthly. When the whole world is talking about "go green", look at how much paper get wasted every single minute.

I put a lighter beside the piles so you can tell more clearly.

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Damn he look serious on his iPod. try to take that away from him and .. "disaster". haha. His favourite album for now... "the cardigan"

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Is is a shocking news. i heard it on the radio and everyone is talking about the dead of the king of pop Michael Jackson. I can't believe my own ear, i switch around, tuning to other channel and every single channel is either talking about this or playing his song's.

It was tragic, at the age of 50 and he leaves us. He promised a final performance for the fans sometimes in July and now that is not going to happen anymore. Many will shed tears, many will remember him as the greatest artist of all time and many will regard him forever as the king and a legend.


Finally, the secret/private area *not so private actually since both bathroom have a semi transparency glass door*

The pink bathroom is in the master bedroom (my wife wanted it to be in pink, so pink it is) and the black bathroom is the guest bathroom. It came with a bathtub, but i never really a tub guy and it doesn't look like a multimillion bathroom that have a size for a tub.....so i have it remove :P
The guest bathroom have this really cool seat. as you can see, barbwire inside (ouch!). i bought it in singapore, could not find any in Malaysia tho..

*ok door close, out out out... business time :)

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