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2010, wut ya all think?

decided to stop blogging for a period of time in due respect to my BIG boss who have left us. to those who knew him would knows that Wim is a great boss to many, a great friend and a superb mentor.

Will Remember, Will Be Missing Him. Although he have left us, but he stay in our heart for forever. R.I.P

In Rememberence : Sign off - Crash


there is a saying **something like this la*
big problem make it small"
"small problem make it gone"

should someone who make any comment or badmouthed you, but he/she is a nobody TO YOU... why the hell you even get bothered by it?

(the metaphore)
"if a beggar walks to you and spit on you and say... your life sux and your job stink"

does it even hurt you at all? get it?

 wtf? like that also can create such a big roar? just blogging mate! we write whatever we want no? it's our blog (our e-diary). what happened to Malaysia and all this racism and insulting other races thingy? every little tiny thingy also make fuss about it. do you know how many blog out there insulting other people and races? this is internet mate... get over it.

apahal dah nak jadi nie?

sign off - crash

Furore over racist blog posting : Malaysiakini

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has called on the police to take action against a controversial blogger for posting inflammatory racist remarks against the Indian Malaysian community.

Hindraf’s Penang coordinator MN Anbalgan, 37, and information chief S Vadi Velan, 28, have lodged a police report in Butterworth last week against the blogger’s posting in her ‘Life is a drama’ website.

The duo want the police to investigate the blogger, who has identified herself only as ‘Sammy’ in her blog, for allegedly maligning the Indian community with utmost contempt in a posting on Sept 23.

'Sammy’s racist remarks were totally uncalled, unacceptable and unbecoming of a true Malaysian.

‘Her posting insults Indians, embarrass her own community and reflects badly on the polarisation of Malaysian society,’ said Anbalgan.

Malaysiakini has obtained a copy of the alleged Sammy’s racist posting, which has since been removed by the blogger.

Blogger: I hate Indians

The 22-year-old blogger posted her comments after her mobile phone was stolen by two alleged Indian youths when she was having lunch at her office in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 23.

The alleged posting read: “I hate Indians. It’s bad enough they are famous for being drunk and rude (most of them anyway). Now they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunkard bastards and list goes on...”.

The blogger continued that “I am not trying to be racist but it always Indian. It’s Indian fault. I don’t care if I am sued for racism.”

Explicitly describing Indians as “damn a_ _ _ _ _ _ _” and “idiotic”, she dared Indians to complain to her blog and even sue her on the inflammatory racist remarks.

She criticised Indians of trying to live on other people’s hard-earned livelihood.

“You Indians have got no hands and legs to work and earn money, is it?

“Stealing from other people is a happy thing and your source of income, eh? Wait for the day of your fall and people will kick you on the roadside for stealing,” she allegedly posted.

A check revealed that Sammy, who is currently employed in an advertising firm in Kuala Lumpur, had withdrawn the alleged posting after she was continuously bombarded with racist, sexist and other derogatory comments from her readers.

Two days after her controversial blog, the blogger posted a grudging apology.

“Sorry if I offended any Indians. You should know that if you're one of the good, educated ones then you shouldn't be disturbed by what I say,” Sammy wrote.

“Yes, yes, I am racist, but not all times. It doesn't help the fact that most of the phone snatchers I heard are Indians. Or Malay or Indons.”

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