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2010, wut ya all think?

i get bored of the chinese ornaments i had in my house previously, so i went around looking for something refreshing.. and i saw this at the corner of my eyes. a dream catcher! always wanted to have 1 but could not find the one that i really like.

dream catcher is said to be able to filter your dream.
"Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through . . . Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day."[4] Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper."

and then.... walaa! exactly what i wanted. a little tribal native american and most important, it is in BLACK. isn't it gorgeous?

The dreams of a nation have cracked
and spill into the lives
of even children,
so grandmother spoke,
with lips and the wisdom of age webbing
her eyes and hands.
Fear and evil spirits seep through the universe
into the bedrooms of sleep
and awaken in us all
darkness and the shedding
of reason.
And so wove grandmother,
tales of love and kindness webbed
for my dark dreams,
snaring the beads of tears
of our lost way.
She patterned herself in my dream catcher,
many armed and silent,
sifting the best of dreams,
and destroying with the dawn
each liquid dream of dread,
long after her spirit passed
from this world to another.
And as she had advised,
the web collapsed with time,
her sign to grasp the thread
of my own destiny,
and sift all the dreams
of life
and catch the ones
I most desired.

sign off - cv

Lately i keep receiving call from a malay lady claiming that she is a staff working for Menara KL Tower Card Center.

i got this real weird feeling as normally a professional/official call for c.card offer or promotion will not or most normally not being call from a mobile number, her's start with 016-2....

so now the story she came out with was that Visa card have choosen my card for a free VIP bla bla bla holder. wah! hoseh liao la, my wife can have a new card to max out on some latest Vuitton bags now. I didn't pay much concentration... but neither to hang up. Naughty me. so she proceed asking me for my type of card currently holding (lady!! if you said visa pick me as their card holder..... you don't know what card I have?) then also the card number... hmmm, so i told her.. hey sorry why not you call me like tomorrow. I didn't have my card with me today. Basically i just wanna see if they really kept the record and call me back tomorrow.

impressive, she actually call me again tomorrow and asked if i have my card with me. so i commented her for being hard working :P again she ask for number expry date and so on... my reply, look... how about you gave me your office number and i call you back in a while as i am going in for a meeting right now? and she goes, OK.....HANGED UP! hahaha.

So guys, this is serious; i believe they have made this same call to many people. you guys just have to be careful with your own perosnal and card details.

sign off - cv

p/s: where the hell they get all my personal data at the first place such as my IC .. name and number? no there is no i/c no on my bizz card..:P

about more than a year ago, i lost my tiffany and i found it back.

Tiffany Atlas Missing (previous post here)

well now it happened again, but i have a bad feeling that this time i will not be able to find it back. i completely search thru the whole car and i found some dust and mite and nothing else. sob! sob!

the thing is i normally only took it out before i go to bed and when I am at home. but this time i realised it went missing passed some certain hour after i came out from a lawyer office, not sure where it might be, i make an urgent/immediate call to her and she told me ... "she didn't see any ring wor. so sad!" so where could it be?.... maybe i play around with it during my walk to my car i might drop it somewhere since during that time my mind is rather busy.

i want it back..!! one way or another. i don't f*cking care.

sign off - cv

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