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2010, wut ya all think?

26th february, a very important date as it's my baby birthday. but because now that we have our precious Lucas; we can no longer organise a party as we normally do, so we just head on to 32 mansion once again.

even thou no party nor loud music, we loved it! guess it's the sign of getting old or becoming a parent for good. arrived around 7:45pm, lovely... day for me and her like old time; dating like some young couple (we are not really old anyway)..... not much traffic that day, so everything went well.

as usual, i ordered a italian wild mushroom then nz sirloin and she got herself a lobster spag. i had some heinekeen (always the best) and she had a margarita and piƱa colada. the night ended with a lot of love.

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finally, his public appearance since the scandal breakout. quiting the hong kong entertainment industries. no more edison chen only until further notice i'll say. everyone blamed him for almost everything. poor guy.

my opinion, i still don't see any wrong doing on his part others than his own negligent by not carefully handling his trophy collections. people keep saying "bear the responsibility of your own doing". correct!! all the photo took under those sluts knowledge. you can see from the posing of those female actress; they want their photo to be taken. he didn't drug them. so don't blame it all on him. all the star who involve with the photo scandal have to takes the responsibility as well. like an oscar award! you rgive award to the director/actor/actress/cast. not the cinema or dvd distributor only; or worst the public viewer who migh obtain a copy or two right?

the worst in my opinion would be the girl from the whatever "twins". i still remember her innocent (fake) looks and her baby cry from newspaper headline during the candid shot she got while on her performance at Genting Highlands and condemned the worst of Malaysians, and now all her sluttiest cam whore posing. nothing really wrong in having your own naked body photo spread out the internet, the biggest wrong doing is the fucking fake innocent act. to you all stupid fans out there. wake up! you just got "punk ed" by gill.

and lastly by any ?"ordeal"? wtf! as i human being i despise you for your doing, but as a man, i start to worship you. kudos mate!

p/s: edison; i will always remember what you did last year.

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lucas is 5 months + now. weight around 10kg. round and heavy. hahaha. was playing with him last night and this is what he look like most of the time.; laughing and playful. isn't he cute?

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since today is 14th of Feb valentine days. decided to upload and post the video about my love life with my wife. how we met, date and propose to her and finaly get together. this is a video animation made for my wedding.

storyboarding and music by me, animation and rendering rhema media singapore.
Happy Valentine everyone.

copyright © 2006 Tony Leong

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yes yes yes! one thing in my life that is a must was to have something to read on while i'm doing some workout for my bottom. plenty of gossip mags, and MAD mag, but unfortunately i couldn't find them here in malaysia, at least not in bookstore i've been to. if you know where i can get this in Malaysia feel free to leave me a message ya.

then this CNY, my friend Liz came to Penang and she got me this! (thanks Liz) she have this little puppy dressed in bumblebee outfit, such a cutie.. i post about that later. Now back to topic; the issues #483 of MAD mag, yeahaaaaa. ya! ya! ya! i know. i'm 2 issue back, but hey! from State to Malaysia, what else can i expect.

MAD mag on my barb-wire toilet seat. No it doesn't hurt.

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here we go again, my all time favourite label. my new Hugo Boss slimfit. my honey birthday is on the 26th this month, so i'll be wearing this. as usual, i've make the reservation for the night at our favourite restaurant, 32 mansion (ya i know, again!) hahaha.

well, im running out of new shirt. i wore my last new piece of Kenneth Cole on CNY, thank god i got this now. it's a gorgeous piece. although it looks simple, plain and white like how i always love on all my shirt. plain !!!!

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Every year, Petronas would come out with their new year advertisement masterpiece. Every year you will see in television, a realistic touching commercial. No exception for this 2008 Chinese New Year. Again, another five star full of emotion advert from them, bravo to Petronas advertising agency. Everytime their commercial caught my attentions.

Now after posting this, i am preparing myself to go home to my parent for re-union dinner. I'm still in office now working. For god sake.. I'm going home. Suddenly guilt dashing into me.

Here, I wish my families, friends and all of you a Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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