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2010, wut ya all think?

the board pretty much said it all. i say this is one hell of a honest shop!

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this one really got me. i laugh my arse out couldn't help it.
i believe most of you (malaysian) who use to travel around our country famous north-south highway. most of us (i said *MOST) tend to exceed the speed limit, well who doesn't. so we as fellow malaysian and responsible drivers flashes the opposite if we spotted any speed camera/roadblock ahead of us to warn the others.

now check this one out! i know! i know! it's unbelievable but like Ripleys said "BELIEVE IT"

so next time if you so others flashes you to warn of a speed camera, don't get panick.... it might only be a standee. ok.. i go continue laughing..!! my arse hurt........ :x

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holy mama son of god, popeye...this is so fucking painful!!

now i can't eat, i can't drink coke, i can't kiss well and i talk like an idiot! now all that for the name of pretty. so does it worth it you ask? OH YES! i let you know when everything is over.

for now i just want to eat some fried chicken and steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other than porridge and broth.

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UGLY BETTY? ner..... this is UGLY TONY!

finally, 9/16 2008. i thought i'm getting a new braces fix on and celebrate a new dawn. guess now it's just my new braces.

there are more invisible type.. ceramic and also with white band. but hell no! you want braces, you wear it with pride! i go for the brightess ORANGE. always my pick when it comes to color. orange with black. :)

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woke up this morning wishing for a new malaysia. a new dawn. even make this the date for my new braces! *yes i got it fix today*

sadly, no news other than a press conference that saying the same thing. we have 31 MP, we got the number and we are ready! THEN?

as much as i wanted to believe ... still pretty much empty talk for now. well, it's 418pm. let see if anymore news coming soon.

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i vow to god, heaven and earth..... TODAY I WILL CHANGE!

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lucas is sick (high fever; last check 39.7) and my wife is staying with him overnight at GMC ward. i'm here back home, alone... felt so quiet tonight; the silent gives you the freaking feeling of loneliness. holy god! i didn't know it felt so bad without your love one by your side.

gosh i miss them! sob! sob!

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Ahmad elusive after racist talk : TheStar Online / Malaysiakini

Ahmad ker nie? handsome nampak... "urgh!!" so this is the muka that call us "immigrants"/"pendatang ?
FUCK!, without the immigrants you still be staying in your atap house near the river side instead of a condominium penthouse at tanjung tokong. looking at your face! mirror! mirror! mirror! yourself. I think you need some facial treatments.... it's fucking oily.

Tj. Tokong penthouse? could you be just next door to me now as i'm typing? becos i'm so going to slap you.

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