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2010, wut ya all think?

first half of our xmas tree decorations. hope the final result will turn to be one hell of an impressive xmas tree.

what you think?

sign of-- cv

my nephew 4th birthday. cute little boy *not to mention the naughtiest among all*
happy birthday IAN. after work, rsh to a cake house and got him this small chocolate cake with a toy car and some coconut tree (???) also for the present; i got him a game console, a playstation replica and well a nintendo gameboy for the other one. you see, with kids, you have to get a present for all of them even only one of them deserve it. "hope he like the game console" even lies within the fact that he have no idea how to play that at all.

birthday boy, the one with the square box blue shirt. the blue round neck t-shirt is kai-ren and her sister kai-ching in purple.

sign off-- cv

got myself the gorgeous modern look home theater i always wanted, nothing fancy or expensive but decent enough for a small tv room like mine. the brand is "philips" and best part, it plays *divx ultra* and man! i can play any movie i got with the 43" tv screen instead of my small little dated laptop. not to mention the inbuilt karaoke system *sweet*, so i don't have to embarrasse myself and can sing like some chicken shit in my own space but hey, my voice ain't that awful.

then come the sad part. my baby left this morning. back to flying again. damn... my weekend is such a sweetie pie with my wife around. i'm going to get messy again for the next weeks or so.

ding! ding!

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one fine weekend, jacky [one of the co-owner of TRO optical at gurney plaza] called, sent me invitation to their 1st anniversary. end up............... a brand new limited edition givency sunglasses with swarovski crystal for my wife. gorgeous piece of works. said to be break resistant, even rolled over by a truck and the glass will stay intact, but we'l never find out the truth cos i ain't going to do that. haha.

here u go, i enclose the photo of the gorgeous givency

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finally, i dreamt about it for months since i lost my precious moto v3 on my wedding dinner. the brand new lg chocolate, the sexy melt in your mouth chocolate mobile phone. the excitement is undenieable!

let me shout it out! im holding it, i'm owning it. once again, i own one of the coolest mobile phone ever, the silver v3 and now this sexy chocolate; and may i present to you..

sign off-- cv

try google for all the nickname i used before and photo of things i've named before like dracrus, buddha-x and etc, and the result are simply unbelievable, i actually found an mIRC scripts i wrote back at years 1998. this brings back a lot of memories, not to mention irc is how i met my lovely wife. can't believe the dodgy scripts survived all these year.

screen shot of the download page with the actual date of upload with the version; and i named it "acefusion" don't try to even ask me to explain why

sign off-- cv

p/s: the scripts can be found at http://members.fortunecity.com/slasher_x/scripts531.html

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