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2010, wut ya all think?

a friend went botak *bald*
and we celebrate................

here he is, we think he look good; now he keep
telling people how stylist he is.

started playing this game, "gunz the duel" ! i can't believe how good the graphics is. well it's not perfect, but consider that it's a free game and look much better than the all-time favourite "counter strike" i give them the credit.

what is "gunz the duel" is all about?

well, just imagine they brought "counter strike" to go online and each character come with level, plus fancy weapon and outfit upgrade.

for more informations, go to http://www.gunzonline.com/.

p/s: caution !!! , if you saw a char "crashvenom", you'll be
drop dead.

i almost give up. i really stressout. the laptop is nowhere to be found. anyone from hp compaq is here to help? i made some call to hewlett packard telesales center. was told that there is a replacement model for the unit. which is a flat black hp!

huh! hp laptop? and not a hp-compaq. they are not even in the same range of series. thelook is totally difference. same price same spec with 20gb lesser. how can that be a replacement then? shouldn't that
a replacement model is always a better unit?

man, im so confuse right now.

ibook gone, so now i'm looking for a new windows base laptop for my wife. i'm looking a the compaq presario v2000 series. pentium centrino with 14 inch wide bright screen that comes with a built-in altec lansing speaker is tempting.

"best part, it's only priced at 2,299.00 myr."

ok!now the bad news, i just found it that this laptop is near to obsolete. i tried most of the store in malaysia, online and beg for help from all my computer savvy friend and all lead to the same result; "it's no longer available, last unit sold, sorry this model no longer in production"........

still trying my best, i really hope to able to get one unit from whoever kept a stock. wish me luck. going to make calls again

sing off-- cv

thank god today is friday :)
weekend ahead, nothing to do, nothing to worries except my mum birthday this sunday. hmmm, normally we just go out and have a big feast with the whole family but this time, my wife is not around
so it won't be that good for me.

i miss her. gosh i miss her.

got to go now.... pack my laptop and speedoo..
good weekend everyone. cheers

am i selling of all my gadget? desperate for cash? or it's time to change to a better piece? it's all yours to guess.

for sale : apex'i safc ii d1 imamura edition [champaigne]

i'm letting go my gorgeous baby for 780.00myr in cash. uh! that hurt. i love her. she has been my most faithfull companion when i am driving. now you tell me it's easy to let her go.

some picture of her, completed!

gorgeous huh?
bye bye darling..

sign off - cv

well well well, say goodbye to the sophisticated ibook and say hello to the new compaq v2000 laptop [windows xp]

reason? my wife more familiar with the xp windows interface rather than the osx tiger. it's pretty, gorgeous and fun. but, it is still a mac. not everything is widely available especially if it come to games.

so bye bye ibook. we once own you. that's what counted.

Me! Me! Me!

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