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2010, wut ya all think?

just unpack the mini HP... omg, it is another piece of gorgeous. i know i know i always say gorgeous :P but the thing is this piece of mall gadget is simply beautiful.

it would suit the women on the go. the small size an sleek appeareances is a complete sweetie. it looks like you can fit it into the handbag without any problem.

the weight is only at a mere 1kg. so this is a definate choice for girl who need to do a little bit of emailing and or processing not to mention facebook'ing at anytime and anywhere.

i love it but too bad "not meant for me" :P

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the most important section of all. this is where we makes miracle happen :P that whole burgundy matress is satin silk. very cold.

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My new gorgeous little gadget for my 30th Birthday. The Nokia E71 in grey metal. Without doubt the best from Nokia so far. If i am not mistaken, this should be the slimmest model in market.

Apart from being a print magnet, everything else is top of the list. I am darn serious when i mean everything. I still yet to find anything negative just yet. It even sync with my windows live messenger & email and have the best quality of sound ever. Loving it :)

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* pictures are courtesy of cnet. can't snap my own phone cos i am using the phone, lol...

woooi! daddy!

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the most expensive part of the house and yet the most less utilise part. the black/blue/gray/white tiles is glass not the usual ceramic tiles.

cintan mee lai liao.


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where i can view pretty much the whole island, the end curve to a 180 degree till the other side. where me and my wife enjoy our drinks during the evening.


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this is basically my lair, with my love/lazy chair and big junk of large pillow. i can spend my whole saturday just in this room; except to the loo of course.

"TV room"

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my cozy apartment.. me & my wife comes to an agreement that everything should be "simplified" there so; we tried!

"the living"

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the first email i got this morning.... when i am back from the airport. saw some people with mask all around.


hundreds of people get the Swine Flu and everybody wants to wear a mask.
millions of people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.

Irony or not?

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