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2010, wut ya all think?

not sure how genuine this is .. i got it from a forwarded mail so thinking of sharing it with you..

how you spend your monies when you have too much of it? Mr.Donald Trump set an example for all the richie rich on how to get rid of your extra "too much" money.

my next move, to apply for the job as a waiter at any restaurants or clubs that mr. trump frequent to..

click for a larger image if you can't see the number!!

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Another tag, but it's fun if you like music and quizzes and lots of unpredictable answers. Tagged by Constance

So how does it work? just follow the rules below:

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, Winamp, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question/subject, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to the next question, press the next button.
6. Don’t lie and pretend you’re cool. [you may add your reaction too.]

1. Opening credits:
Two Town Story - Bon Jovi

2. Waking up:
It's My Life - Bon Jovi

3. First Day of School:
Love Remains - Colin Raye

4. Falling in love:
Like That (feat. Cee-Lo, John) Black Eyed Peas

5. First song:
Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff

6. Breaking up:
Burning - Maria Arredondo

7. Prom:
Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas

8. Life:
My Humps - Black Eyed Peas

9. Mental breakdown:
Oh - Ciara (feat Ludacris)

10. Driving:
Republica - FoxSports Football Theme

11. Flashback:
Apologize - Timbaland (feat One Republic)

12. Getting back together:
Because I'm A Girl - Jini (English)

13. Wedding:
Fool Again - Westlife

14.Birth of a child:
Say It Isn't So - Bon Jovi

15. Final battle:
Love Me - Colin Raye

16. Death scene:
Out Of Reach - Gabrielle

17. Funeral song:
Can't Let Go - Maria Arredondo

18. End credits:

Hanging Around - Cardigan

Thanks constance, this is kinda fun. reading it back with the song. The question "Wedding" got me laugh my arse off. hahaha.


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"about 10,000 of Umno members Rally at KOMTAR Pulau Pinang to reject the abolishment of NEP by the new state government" should be what the media will report later this evening or tomorrow morning.

just came back from being stuck for hours in traffic cause by a rally by some of the monkey from UMNO penang. All because of the new gov announce that they will abolish the NEP (New Economic Policy) and will cause some of these corrupted UMNO monkey to lose all their monies making projects and to change their c-class to a s-class.

So, is this monkey leader of this (without permit) public demonstration will be detain by ISA? like the Hindraf or BERSIH? Well! at least give them some slap for causing me and hundreds of working peoples losing a couple of their precious working hour and few ringgit of fuel by stuck in traffic cause by his "MERELY" 500 peoples of rally? *of funny part i heard, you even get paid of RM80 by joining them*. Man you guys should be ashame of yourself and many many many of my Malays friends is ashame by your act, your party ruin everything.

if the next 13th general election the coalition get defeated again and can't even get a simple majority to form a governmet, we all know who is to blame and what causes all this.

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creatively composed lyric and song. we have a lot of talented peoples in malaysia nowsaday.

you got to hear this.

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holy mama! my vote is not wasted. CM Lim Guan Eng... man sui! man sui! man man sui!!

link from [ malaysia today ]
Posted by kasee
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

PENANG: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Tuesday that the Penang Municipal Council and Seberang Perai Municipal Council will waive all summonses involving hawker licences and parking offences issued before March 11.

Lim made the announcement just hours after being sworn in as Chief Minister.

The government could not estimate how much this involved, but Lim said that the waiver would not affect the councils' operations as it was monies not collected yet.

The announcements are part of the new government's "agenda for change to re-establish rule by the people,'' he said in a statement.

He said it will also review the policy of political appointments in the councils, and would look towards restoring local government elections.

Lim also promised that open tenders will be held for all state government procurement and contracts, adding that an online portal will be set up where information on tender bids would be posted for all to see.

All state government members and civil servants will also be required to publicly declare their assets.

"This is a government that is based on democracy. This is also a government that believes in equal opportunity and social economic justice. We are here to build a dynamic Penang for all,'' he said in the statement. - STAR

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Malaysia GE12 Election : The New Beginning;the Sate of PENANG

the breath of new air; new government in the state of penang. finally the peoples speak up and barisan rakyat won as wished by people.

receive numerous of news ad smses regarding a riot that might happen. inside me, this is total bullshit. this is penang at 2008 not 1969. so now we can ignore that. first of i would like to congratulated those who won *remember your promises* (and can you guys clean up the city first?) and sorry for those who lost. as for the candidates that lost the battle *coalition*; i just want to tell you honestly from a opinion of a commoner, it have nothing to do with you. the peoples vote are against the coalition and not the candidates. it's just your luck in this election with the wrong party.

heard on the fm and news on tv, all the political scientist or analyst talking about the "why this is happening" and they came out with this and that. well, in my opinion. there is only a few causes which most of us know what. just nobody have the courage to speak up on national tv or radio.

and to dr. koh, i admire your courage to step-down *even you don't have to do so*, you did a rather good job as CM for the state all these years at least to me.

the most annoying thing after the election is the sleeper is still sleeping and the monkey is still jumping. when is these people going to wake up and face the fact!

keep saying there is no pressure my god!

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let's keep this short and simple.

can anyone tell me where can i get this? it's the new DAP Rocket Kid mascot toy. I got to have one to add to my collection. Enlight me, thanks!

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::: just my thought, a monkey or a newbie thought ::: Malaysia 12th General Election 2008

most of what i about to say is based on my own opinion and chat with friends and closeby also from what i see currently happen in Penang on this election only and not about the politics inside. just a commoner view.
first; banners, poster and flags! not sure about other states in Malaysia but in the state of Penang this is seriously sickening and unpleasant. waste of time and a money and not to mention a lot of paper. save the green konon! what is wrong? there is no such need for 3000pcs poster and flags on one single straight street of a kilometer, hello! we are commoners, the public but if you realised, we are not blind. a few nicely (professionally) done billboard is sufficient enough! you are competing to represent the peoples not who have the most good looking face on a poster. also, because there is a lot of rain and so windy lately those poster is flying everywhere because it's not properly installed. some even blocking the road sign and worst the traffic light. i can't see the green light hello !!????? we vote because you are a good peoples representative not because you are good looking. those thing makes my proud state looks ugly. very ugly and i'm sad.

this is not a paid post by bn, i am as same as many of you hoping for the opposition to make miracle but i know by fact and reality of this country it's almost impossible. any of us ever wonder what will actually happen if the opposition win this election. what will happen to all the big project that currently on going in penang? will it stop? if the opposition won the battle; will the central keep supplying the state opposition government with fund for the development? this worry me! as much as i want the opposition to have a strong hold this coming election within penang state because the past years we had a sleeper that ruin everything.... but will it help?

i don't really care about the fuel and bla bla bla.. i can live with that. well, if we could spend a couple hundred on boozes why i want to even make a huge shout about all that. can't afford the fuel, it's too expensive for you? change to a smaller car. no?

the only most important thing in malaysia that needed to be change SHOULD be the NEP, not saying demolish the system but change it to serve it's real purpose. we are over 50 years of independence now. NEP should be altered and serve it's purpose for the helpless and poor regardless of the race, "for malaysian" not only the bumi. the current system have flaws, like Datuk Seri Anwar once said "it should meant to help the bumi community but not by giving 5% off when a bumi buy a condominium that cost a million ringgit" the NEP should be change and give all it's benefits to all Malaysian of any races that need it and not some bumi Datuk or Tan Sri.

based on most ppl that i spoke to, likely the opposition will win much more seat this coming election, but well, if you see clearly... it's basically chinese fighting chinese and most penangite chinese that have dis-satisfaction and against the government still thinking the differ. as we all know the opposition which mainly a party form by the chinese is against the BN chinese party, BN U have their seat secured watching from a secure distance. let's make is this way... just an example:

Penang = company with 100% share
BN Umno with 30% (secure)
BN Gerakan & MCA with 30%
Democratic 20%
People Justice with 10%
P or etc with 10%

BN owns the total of 60% so they are the company director.

If after election.. now the share only moves among BN Gerakan&MCA - Democratic - People Justice

BN Umno with it's secure 30%
BN Gerakan & MCA 15%
Democratic gained 9% = 29%
People Justice gained 6% = 16%
P or etc with 10%

who is the boss? who will be the state next CM? why the announcement after election? if after election they told you that the suppose to be CM Chinese candidate in BN G or MCA already lost? then who takes the place?

this is just a personal view without any proper information's. Happy voting and hoping for a better Malaysia.

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