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2010, wut ya all think?

date : 13th march 2006
condition : sleepy + nervous + hungry
venue : indoor [ france taipei ] n out door [ lone pine hotel ]

photo shooting started at 9am and finished at around 10pm. no! i ain't kiding. both of us were to pose and pose for whole day. it was the most tiring days of the year. next day, photo selection took us 7 hours. well. one a life time thingy. i can't really complain much. it's needed to be done and it's done.

i only be able to upload one photo at the moment. file size 2 large, compression take ages.

sign off - cv

it's fun, it's interesting and it's dark. the zoo is nicely done. singapore will always be singapore. even the washroom, amazing. just imagine, pee and some carnivore roar just right by your ear.

some pictures of me and my wife @ singapore night safari

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venue : star ktv
2 bottle of black label.

as a chinese, you do karaoke ok! so don't curse on me. photo taken eve of chinese new year or date nearby, i can't remember it well.

pix in order *left to right*
(winnie, stanley, *me and wife*, hin, daniel *jippun*, kheng)

sign off - cv

for the past few week, been so busy with my house renovation stuffs and wedding photo shooting. when everything happen at the same time, it's a cluster.

yesterday finally had the photo session done! photo selected and we lost another 2688.00myr. damn so now the total for a photo shooting cost us around 6000.00 myr. now i knew married is not an easy thing. well and now it's done, i'm relief. just need to wait for another month before i can get all the photo plus those album i purchased. (wed pix update *9th May)

so now, what's next? hmm...
our house, our very first and cozy apartment/condominium. 1270 sft, 4 bedroom with a big living room and a huge balcony stated at 10th floor, with sea and city view, yeah! i can see the famous pg bridge just right at the corner. current state is a mess. cemen and tiles and dust! my upcoming
headache. so much to spend. and earning is so little. well that's what life is all about. (house pix update *before/after reno)

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