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2010, wut ya all think?

an illustration of myself snowboarding. :)

now i have to look at myself everyday. hahaha :P

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my front door and i welcome you

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finally, had my xmas tree done. suppose to get a green pine this year, but stll, snow pine matches my living much better.

i apologise for the bad photo quality, lg chocolate wor! :P

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finally my baby orchid is blossoming. in fact both of my long awaited orchid is blossoming. on the left is the new baby, and it's already flowering; on the right is a 6 months old orchid and the flowers is coming out as well. i'm back happy now, since some envy neighbour cut and stole my Poinsettia (chistmas plant) last year.

Well, it's growing back now, healthy and green. it should have turned into bloody red by next month if my stupid neighbour did not cut it off. but for now; it's still a young small green leave baby Poinsettia.

the orchid.

Poinsettia (mine on the left, it should already be in red if not because of my inconsiderate neighbour) at least it doesnt die off. happy enough that it's back to life.

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ronald is back with this "i don't know what is this actually" mv thingy for some hilarious song about " i also don't now what" just enjoy and laugh la. but it's in cantonese. sorry for those who couldn't understand.

this one cost me the 3rd chair.

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oh this one is super funny. i just broke my second chair, first one break after PGHK Jepunlauee said "zheng sam bai". i need a lot of spare chair. lol. these japanese are hilarious.

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as a movie freak that couldn't sleep without watching at least 1 dvd a night let me introduce you to the "said to be the biggest thing ever" new jj. abrams (producer of Lost & Alias) hollywood blockbuster movies. said to be the biggest and most classified ever. the title of the movie was only shown on last friday, infront of the opening of Beowulf. it's now officially being called cloverfield and will be hitting the theatre on 1-18-08.

below the first trailer was released infront of Transformer ;
the trailer that makes everybody wonder.

1st trailer

here is the latest trailer released on the day of Beowulf and you have the official title for the movie revealed as well. surprisingly it's called "cloverfield". not that much of a surprise huh!

2nd trailer

HD trailer 1&2 : http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/11808/

cloverfield official website : (i warn you, this is a weird)
http://www.slusho.com/ (something related)

more clues and news about this movie.
: http://www.cloverfieldnews.com/
: http://www.cloverfieldclues.blogspotcom/
: http://www.projectcloverfield.com/
: http://www.cloverfieldproject.com/

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well well well! 3:13 in the morning and what the fuck am i doing waking up and blogging at this time. yah, your first guess hit the spot! my son is crying unreasonably lately. everynight, yes! i meant everyday. no! he is not hungry, no! not the diaper, no! supposingly nothing else is wrong. that is why my n my wife are scratching out totally. and yes again, we went to the doctor. he gave me some naval spray. (duh???)

next hint, it only happen at night during his sleep time. cried to the extreme; to be honest, i am getting a little annoyed! stress out! he is still crying now! what da fuck should i do? seriously! i am .. i am... i am.............................. my god! not again..... ..... god! save me!

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I have this kept for quite sometimes now. suddenly when i try to find the latest update of this band, i found back their mv via youtube.

this is one of the most touching n saddest mv ever. it bring you back to your concious mind and re-think about love, how much and how far you would sacrifice for love.

quite old song n mv by a korean group call "kiss" the song name is "because i'm a girl"
and now i present to you...

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this is interesting!

middle one is the normal look.. the left side picture.. is using middle photo.. the human's left side FACE to duplicate and combine become ONE.. the same to right picture, use right face. remember.. middle one is NORMAL and ORIGINAL look..

Now you know who have the perfect feature! scroll down and look at d.beckham.
(click picture for a bigger view)

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this is what you need when you just had a newborn in your house and lack of sleep. otherwise the next panda in china with a little s'pore "moh peng sar sau" will be you.

does it really help? ner..!! it doesn't. so next, you might need some cucumber and bla bla bla "everynight", oh not to forget you need the one full with "pitera":(

but it does the scaring trick during bedtime with all the light off

p/s: the real reason.. there is a party coming! :)

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he is now exactly 2 month and 11 day years old.

look at what "michelin man" got to say about him.

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then : censored *xxx*


first week then first month

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