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2010, wut ya all think?

ok, finally the company get him a replacement. it look cool from the website. it does look cool in reality; just not as cool as we expected. love it when you close it up. black finish with a dell logo. open it.. ner! "dell, you guys should make the built look smoother"

13.1 wide screen with trulife is a good size. but hell! we expect it to comes with a built in webcam, at least a built in mic? (for skype) and it doesn't.

stanley, now you can bury that old compaq of yours. enclose the photo.

sign off-- cv

haha, my front door design. people said my house look more like a japanese restaurant now.
haha, i just use some cheap kinda plastic (don't know what material) and hula.. transformed.

sign off-- cv

went shopping with baby yesterday, and we got this catchy reebok DMX. so i can take nike out from my list, as i'm in love with this one.

how cool this is, love it.. because it look like spidey [laugh my arse out] totally outstanding. oh ya, the true color is deep orange instead of red. my camera phone doesn't capture it well.

here it is, my brand new sneaker. well i never really had one before

sign off-- cv

Finally, got my brand new laptop. a compaq v3000 series. black shiny and sleek. also an almost identitcal twins to my wife hp dv1000 series. a couple coded laptop. haha.

2006 has been the best year in my life. i almost get everything i wanted. my beautiful wife, a lg chocolate mobile, a sleek laptop, my new apartment, home theater, big screen tv and etc..

so what's waiting next year? my baby boy/girl? we'll see.

sign off-- cv

those are what i had planted this evening after work. tired but satisfying.

introducing the carrot! [left] this is the funny one, never intended to grow carrot. i'll make it short. went to tesco; bought carrot; keep in fridge; one month passes; something grew, so i take a pot and planted it.. this is what it became. hola!!

next a bamboo tree! [right] always wanted a bamboo tree somewhere in my house, maybe balony maybe the front. hmm. why not both? bought 3, 2 at the balcony and this one; front door.

saw this plant [left], suddenly the idea just flash to me.. i attached it to a wood. those aquarium wood. they name the plant "wallet plant" well it grows kinda wallet shape fruit [??] and small little pinkish flower. gorgeous!

this one on the [right], i have totally no idea what it is. i name it pinky as it have sweet beautiful pink flower as you can see in the photo. my baby wife love pink. so this wont be a wrong plant for her. thick leaves with a lot a lot of flowers around it. according to the gardener; the blossom is non-stop thru the whole year.

finally, my favourite [lavender] we have almost everything in lavender. shampoo, freshener etc. even the name is classy. ok! this one yet to have any flower yet. when those sweet purple treasure blossom out i will upload it ok?

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finally, my wife did some re-touch to the tree with some preset and boxes underneath the tree. it looks simply gorgeous; simply classy.

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i have no idea what happen to those finger, somesort of very thick layer skin all over. this is what happen to a friend of mine; daniel. he had his finger operated by dr.lee from lsc specialist centre. goes under the knife and burned by laser.

like what people used to say; no pain no gain. lets all of us pray for him for a fast recovery othwerwise he going to make me busy with those "i can't move my finger" kinda excuses.

i enclosed the photo i took when i pay him a visit yesterday evening.

get well soon mate
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i quit! i quit! i quit!
today is the 6th day i "departed" cigi. as unbelievable as it can be, the feeling is great. i hope this could lead me to be a nicotine free person. smoking to me, used to think that it look cool; gues time changes and it doesn't look as cool as i think it would be anymore.

a healthier man is the aim now. bad smoking breath and tobacco finger is disgusting. as for the final word "quiting is really not as hard as we all think it would be"

so quit now. people tend to love you more and french kissing would be a much more enjoyable. wink!

sing off-- cv

isn't this the coolest remote ever? i can imagine how many guy would exchange years of life to own one in reality. but hey, it will forever remain a fantasy.

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1159, local time. felt a slight shake. table and stuffs shake for like 3 second.
or i'm still sleepy..??

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