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2010, wut ya all think?

As a malaysian, 1 fine day you decided.. ok this is it! no more piracy. Let's get some legimate music.

The first thing you would think of will be the Malaysia Apple iTunes store. Cool right? nope.. not at all. The store doesn't sell any music at all. yes! no music, NONE! only applications.

So you are pretty frustrated, you head to amazon.com. Guess what? "not available in your country". WTF again? What is wrong with these company? Why are they not selling us Malaysian any music? Ha.. the problem lies not with these giant corp, it is the country. This fcuk up country that I live in. I guess due to the problem of rates of piracy in Malaysia, you can buy a new album release today and by tomorrow you'll see millions of copy on the street. This is WHY.

then comes to the question, why Malaysian tent to go for copy? be it music's or movies? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FCUKING GET/FIND ANYTHING HERE. There are either can't be found or censored (ridiculously) or banned from the country. So sometimes I do really have to say.


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Well, it is always an excuse for party in Malaysia when it comes to any public holidays. As long as there is a holiday for tomorrow, tonight the clubbing scene will be a madness. As we had a little too much club night out yesteryears, me and my bunchs (ain't young anymore) now frequent more to a quiet bar or a KTV for some obvious reason that we Asian just can't resist to do a little singing here and there.

So same goes for last night as some friends get a day off today for the Deepavali (festival of light)replacement holiday, we head to a KTV bar at upper Penang Road, D'Joint KTV & Bar. We've pretty much a frequent to the joint now with our attendance every Friday night for a happy hour. Me and my bunch of malaysian idol wannabe that is. Since then our choice of is is none other than Guinness Draught.

Had about 7 pint of Guinness Draught last nite and this morning is amazing. No hangover or whatsoever that you would expect from drinking beers. It cost a little more but I can tell you it well worth it. With beers, you wake up the next morning feel and look like a zombie, your head is completely messed up! never ending thirst down your throat; ache all over your body and you wouldn't even know if you did your dog by the lawn.

So for the reason being, especially f**king the dog part. Vote for no hangover :P

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I thought everyone is going green? so much hype and advert to remind the peoples to preserve the environment. Use less paper = less lodging and yet look at this.

This is the amount of letter/flyers/catalogue/etc i get monthly. When the whole world is talking about "go green", look at how much paper get wasted every single minute.

I put a lighter beside the piles so you can tell more clearly.

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Damn he look serious on his iPod. try to take that away from him and .. "disaster". haha. His favourite album for now... "the cardigan"

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Is is a shocking news. i heard it on the radio and everyone is talking about the dead of the king of pop Michael Jackson. I can't believe my own ear, i switch around, tuning to other channel and every single channel is either talking about this or playing his song's.

It was tragic, at the age of 50 and he leaves us. He promised a final performance for the fans sometimes in July and now that is not going to happen anymore. Many will shed tears, many will remember him as the greatest artist of all time and many will regard him forever as the king and a legend.


Finally, the secret/private area *not so private actually since both bathroom have a semi transparency glass door*

The pink bathroom is in the master bedroom (my wife wanted it to be in pink, so pink it is) and the black bathroom is the guest bathroom. It came with a bathtub, but i never really a tub guy and it doesn't look like a multimillion bathroom that have a size for a tub.....so i have it remove :P
The guest bathroom have this really cool seat. as you can see, barbwire inside (ouch!). i bought it in singapore, could not find any in Malaysia tho..

*ok door close, out out out... business time :)

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just unpack the mini HP... omg, it is another piece of gorgeous. i know i know i always say gorgeous :P but the thing is this piece of mall gadget is simply beautiful.

it would suit the women on the go. the small size an sleek appeareances is a complete sweetie. it looks like you can fit it into the handbag without any problem.

the weight is only at a mere 1kg. so this is a definate choice for girl who need to do a little bit of emailing and or processing not to mention facebook'ing at anytime and anywhere.

i love it but too bad "not meant for me" :P

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the most important section of all. this is where we makes miracle happen :P that whole burgundy matress is satin silk. very cold.

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My new gorgeous little gadget for my 30th Birthday. The Nokia E71 in grey metal. Without doubt the best from Nokia so far. If i am not mistaken, this should be the slimmest model in market.

Apart from being a print magnet, everything else is top of the list. I am darn serious when i mean everything. I still yet to find anything negative just yet. It even sync with my windows live messenger & email and have the best quality of sound ever. Loving it :)

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* pictures are courtesy of cnet. can't snap my own phone cos i am using the phone, lol...

woooi! daddy!

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the most expensive part of the house and yet the most less utilise part. the black/blue/gray/white tiles is glass not the usual ceramic tiles.

cintan mee lai liao.


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where i can view pretty much the whole island, the end curve to a 180 degree till the other side. where me and my wife enjoy our drinks during the evening.


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this is basically my lair, with my love/lazy chair and big junk of large pillow. i can spend my whole saturday just in this room; except to the loo of course.

"TV room"

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my cozy apartment.. me & my wife comes to an agreement that everything should be "simplified" there so; we tried!

"the living"

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the first email i got this morning.... when i am back from the airport. saw some people with mask all around.


hundreds of people get the Swine Flu and everybody wants to wear a mask.
millions of people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.

Irony or not?

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i get bored of the chinese ornaments i had in my house previously, so i went around looking for something refreshing.. and i saw this at the corner of my eyes. a dream catcher! always wanted to have 1 but could not find the one that i really like.

dream catcher is said to be able to filter your dream.
"Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through . . . Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day."[4] Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper."

and then.... walaa! exactly what i wanted. a little tribal native american and most important, it is in BLACK. isn't it gorgeous?

The dreams of a nation have cracked
and spill into the lives
of even children,
so grandmother spoke,
with lips and the wisdom of age webbing
her eyes and hands.
Fear and evil spirits seep through the universe
into the bedrooms of sleep
and awaken in us all
darkness and the shedding
of reason.
And so wove grandmother,
tales of love and kindness webbed
for my dark dreams,
snaring the beads of tears
of our lost way.
She patterned herself in my dream catcher,
many armed and silent,
sifting the best of dreams,
and destroying with the dawn
each liquid dream of dread,
long after her spirit passed
from this world to another.
And as she had advised,
the web collapsed with time,
her sign to grasp the thread
of my own destiny,
and sift all the dreams
of life
and catch the ones
I most desired.

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Lately i keep receiving call from a malay lady claiming that she is a staff working for Menara KL Tower Card Center.

i got this real weird feeling as normally a professional/official call for c.card offer or promotion will not or most normally not being call from a mobile number, her's start with 016-2....

so now the story she came out with was that Visa card have choosen my card for a free VIP bla bla bla holder. wah! hoseh liao la, my wife can have a new card to max out on some latest Vuitton bags now. I didn't pay much concentration... but neither to hang up. Naughty me. so she proceed asking me for my type of card currently holding (lady!! if you said visa pick me as their card holder..... you don't know what card I have?) then also the card number... hmmm, so i told her.. hey sorry why not you call me like tomorrow. I didn't have my card with me today. Basically i just wanna see if they really kept the record and call me back tomorrow.

impressive, she actually call me again tomorrow and asked if i have my card with me. so i commented her for being hard working :P again she ask for number expry date and so on... my reply, look... how about you gave me your office number and i call you back in a while as i am going in for a meeting right now? and she goes, OK.....HANGED UP! hahaha.

So guys, this is serious; i believe they have made this same call to many people. you guys just have to be careful with your own perosnal and card details.

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p/s: where the hell they get all my personal data at the first place such as my IC .. name and number? no there is no i/c no on my bizz card..:P

about more than a year ago, i lost my tiffany and i found it back.

Tiffany Atlas Missing (previous post here)

well now it happened again, but i have a bad feeling that this time i will not be able to find it back. i completely search thru the whole car and i found some dust and mite and nothing else. sob! sob!

the thing is i normally only took it out before i go to bed and when I am at home. but this time i realised it went missing passed some certain hour after i came out from a lawyer office, not sure where it might be, i make an urgent/immediate call to her and she told me ... "she didn't see any ring wor. so sad!" so where could it be?.... maybe i play around with it during my walk to my car i might drop it somewhere since during that time my mind is rather busy.

i want it back..!! one way or another. i don't f*cking care.

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We Can All Make A Different - Crash

Those who is on my Facebook know that i just have the shortest haircut ever, reason due because the country i live in is ridiculously hot EVERYDAY!

so VOTE for a climate change. Just for that ONE hour and you can make a stand.

At 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March, people from all corners of the world will turn off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour - and cast their vote for action on climate change. Anybody can participate and join together with millions of people across the globe celebrating Earth Hour.

8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009

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my oh my, isn't these gorgeous. my new belt and of cos my wife "hand-picked" by me heels. apology for the photo quality, the actual color as you can see the heels is gold-ish/silver. it is a complete gorgeous. the only thing is that the 3-inch heel doesn't do me any good since my wife is rather tall. so now she gets about 1 inch taller than I am if she wear this but i love it so so much so it doesn't realy matter. hahaha. gorgeous and extremely elegant. i have to admit i am pretty good with shopping! and i am so good with shoes/heels..

so in love with my new belt now. love it! love it! love it! thank you thank you thank you! hahaha. plan to have it around me on my buddy wedding day, well a couple of my best buddy. but some cancelled, some posponed .. my oh my; crazy planning. so i am a little sadden by this since i still looking for an excuse to start wrapping it around my waist :P

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just this new year itself he own another 3 pair of NEW shoes "oshkosh, and 2 adidas" i love the adidas. whereby daddy and mummy only have 1. but, well.. look at those tiny litle cute sneaker, how do you resist something like that? i am not sure how long this shoes woud last for him as children tend to grew so fast. it might no longer fit after a couple of month.

also some of his new clothing "line" lol. man this is just a part of his collection. his little wardrobe looks very interesting now . still..... he look so cool on it. no regret! :P

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it's been like what? 3 months without updating? i pretty forgotten all about it. pity me :( busy! at work busy! when back home. Lucas has grown up big now..... he just wanted to get involve in everything including playing with daddy computer. so it is not an easy task to go around online as usual now.

anyway, thanks to an email, it remind me that... oohh.... I have not update my blog for a very long time.
saying nice blog but why the blog title doesn't go with the content ha? been thinking.. hmmm!! trendy life style.. hahhaa.. should goes with something trendy, maybe fashion preferrence? clothings and etc that related to my life?

so, on and off, for now i will post something more related. still about me and my life and my lovely family, but i will put some personal fashion (well if this is what you call) touch to it. till then...............

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