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2010, wut ya all think?

venue : eastern oriental (sarkies corner)

pretty cool having a badge like this. flip and freeze.
i can't stop flipping it during my lunch time with her. well this is one of my chilhood ambition tho..

sign off - cv

for those who doesn't know, valentine day is created as a memorial day for saint valentine. who lost his life for the word "love", when he insist on performing marriage ceremony secretly for couples whereby in 269 a.d., ancient rome emporer cladius did not allow any marriage to be held legally in order to force all men to join his army.

a letter with a message "love from your valentine" that was written by saint valentine on the day he die have started a custom of exchanging love message on 14th february.

happy valentines day everybody

petaling jaya: eight candidates have been short-listed for the malaysian astronaut programme and they will now have to go for a one-on-one interview with a select panel of experts.
they are:

  • malaysia airlines pilot mohammed faiz kamaluddin;

  • airasia pilot kelvin lim hock seong;

  • automotive designer mohd bostami ahmad;

  • hospital universiti kebangsaan medical officer dr sheikh muszaphar shukor;

  • royal malaysian armed forces dental surgeon faiz khaleed;

  • esso malaysia bhd machinery engineer muhammad husaini hashim;

  • engineer and project manager norazlan shah mahadi; and,

  • senior quality engineer s. vanajah, who is the sole female candidate.
    the candidates have just completed a series of medical, aero-physiological and psychological tests by a technical panel.
    they will go through another selection round to pick four candidates to be sent to russia next month for a comprehensive two-week medical test at the russian space agency.
    deputy prime minister datuk seri najib tun razak will announce the names of the four candidates in the middle of next month.
    science, technology and innovation minister datuk seri dr jamaluddin jarjis said the select panel, chaired by former inspector-general of police tun hanif omar, would look at their personal fitness, personality, spirit and state of preparedness, including family support.
    “having completed the medical, physiological and psychological tests, they will be interviewed and personally assessed by the select panel,” he said when announcing the names of the candidates here yesterday.
    dr jamaluddin said the select panel would receive input from the russian technical evaluation committee before picking the two candidates to undergo an 18-month training programme at the russian space agency in star city, moscow.
    one will get the chance to spend seven to 10 days in space in october next year with a group of cosmonauts.
    the candidates will also have to undergo medical tests, including neurology and adaptation to micro gravity conditions.
    prime minister datuk seri abdullah ahmad badawi will announce the names of the two successful candidates in april.
    members of the select panel are air force chief jen datuk seri nik ismail nik mohamed, multimedia universiti president prof datuk dr gauth jasmon and former tenaga nasional bhd chairman tan sri drahmad tajuddin ali.
  • christmas eve, orchard hotel restaurant.

    dinner : lobster with love & strawberry chocolate

    creator : loving wife

    taste : excellent

    inside the aircraft (singapore air) "sleepy face" to zurich

    sign off - cv

    honeymoon in zurich
    me and my wife. we are hungry... err, or thirsty

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    they are back in town, once a legend.
    they mutiply by night, feared by people and they look stupid.

    before they mutate, when they are in their human form
    they are yemz, tekken and stanley

    out of joy, the bad memory i've been bearing it for so many year finally is being removed. my arm and elbow is once again back to it's normal state. it's my confident that the surgeon brings back. thanks to my boss for all the expenses for the surgery and my loving wife for the after care.

    memory begone, begone.!

    the removed scar (keloid):

    *warning, enlarging these photo at your own risk.

    venue: club faces, penang island.
    4 bottles of chivas regal and 2 bottles of black label.
    outcome = dead drunk with disgusting puke.


    sign off - cv

    the ladies

    the couple's *oppss, wrong pair on pix no.5 discovered.

    happy new year 2005

    :: the end ::

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