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2010, wut ya all think?

for those who doesn't know, valentine day is created as a memorial day for saint valentine. who lost his life for the word "love", when he insist on performing marriage ceremony secretly for couples whereby in 269 a.d., ancient rome emporer cladius did not allow any marriage to be held legally in order to force all men to join his army.

a letter with a message "love from your valentine" that was written by saint valentine on the day he die have started a custom of exchanging love message on 14th february.

happy valentines day everybody


  1. yiNggiE  

    bOo~ i m hEre 2 irritAte u aLL...hAppy bElaTed vdAe..evAlaStiNg luB 2 u n dasaO... miSs u aLL lOts~ *hUggiEs* 4gEt-mE-nOt yEa?

  2. yiNggiE  

    lOlz...i chaNge urL lEh...waOlaO i canOt tag @ yA chAtterbOx..i dunO y...bUt i giF u mY urL trU hEre okiE?? www.fukup-yinggie.blogspot.com

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