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2010, wut ya all think?

for the past few week, been so busy with my house renovation stuffs and wedding photo shooting. when everything happen at the same time, it's a cluster.

yesterday finally had the photo session done! photo selected and we lost another 2688.00myr. damn so now the total for a photo shooting cost us around 6000.00 myr. now i knew married is not an easy thing. well and now it's done, i'm relief. just need to wait for another month before i can get all the photo plus those album i purchased. (wed pix update *9th May)

so now, what's next? hmm...
our house, our very first and cozy apartment/condominium. 1270 sft, 4 bedroom with a big living room and a huge balcony stated at 10th floor, with sea and city view, yeah! i can see the famous pg bridge just right at the corner. current state is a mess. cemen and tiles and dust! my upcoming
headache. so much to spend. and earning is so little. well that's what life is all about. (house pix update *before/after reno)


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    Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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