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2010, wut ya all think?

it's been over a month since i lost my phone. it's the very first gen of the sexy sharp motorola V3 silver and most importantly it is a xmas present for me from my beloved wife :( i' have lost all my messages, photo of my lovely wife and all the memories that carries with it. the pain is indescribable and it still remain in the very deep bottom of my heart until today.

the night i realize that it left me was the night of my wedding dinner. securely attached to my belt on my waist beneath my pin stripe sut, it's almost impossible to consider a drop-out.

if there is a dirty hand with a low life animal with humanity form that causes the dissappearance of my precious, mind me cursing him/her to the best in hell.

p/s : my precious! there won't be any other masterpiece that able to replace you. i have lost you within my eyes, but never in my mind.


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