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2010, wut ya all think?

am i selling of all my gadget? desperate for cash? or it's time to change to a better piece? it's all yours to guess.

for sale : apex'i safc ii d1 imamura edition [champaigne]

i'm letting go my gorgeous baby for 780.00myr in cash. uh! that hurt. i love her. she has been my most faithfull companion when i am driving. now you tell me it's easy to let her go.

some picture of her, completed!

gorgeous huh?
bye bye darling..

sign off - cv


  1. ideasenator  

    I know what that feels like...but you will heal as time passes. ;-)


    yeah, just hope she will be in good hand.

    thanks for the comfort.

  3. Anonymous  

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  4. Xeeshan  

    if you still willing it sell it off tell me the price in us$ at zeegee_911@hotmail.com

  5. -crash-  

    sold off many years ago mate.

    sorry... cheers

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