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2010, wut ya all think?

great malaysian police anti-rasuah (anti-corruption) campaign. just back from a police roadblock. upon driving to it and realize the heavy traffic, you know it is another Ramadan roadblock.

just as i expected, the traffic police is all over. looking at the size of the team, i would think this is one decent and authorized job by the boss. guess i'm wrong again.

being pull over (well they pull over almost 90% of the car passed by); realizing there is nothing wrong with me or my car, i stop with a confident smile. i greet the officer (shouldn't they greet me instead)? pass him my license and i.d card. look around my car; check my roadtax.. all good.

now, here come their trick "your no. plate is not according to the approved size".. wtf? how are we suppose to get the correct plate with the exact measurement? isn't the car manufacturer or the
dealer have the standard plate for everyone? (in malaysia? nope there isn't this thing called standardized) so he bring out a ruler card or something; here not enough x mm, there the height not
enough.. etc. then, now the monster reveal his self;

"so how? i give you a ticket for it?"

i was like, ok then.. "if you said so then give me the ticket. i need
to go to work". sorry but please make it faster.

"you sure? now it's the *ops sikap*, a normal day summon cost 150myr, but this time it cost 300myr. if you want to leave faster then settle it like the car over there. *pointing at a white myvi*

"hmm, so you can give me a chance? i will replace it afterward" i asked again with a very innocent look.

"what chance? i tell you what; don't waste time, go inside your car and nego with the officer over there (lower rank officer) and give them some *coffee money*, they will let you off";

i knew it! no kidding.. just that i don't expect him to be so frank. maybe it's taking too long. then i said "just give me the ticket, i don't have the money, i'm just some average earning working

"we didn't asked for much, just some coffee money. look at you and your car.. come on!"

well, lost my patience i said "officer, just give me the ticket please"

and without replying to me, he took my license and id card and went off. waited and waited, around another 15 minutes later. then he came back with the ticket. i take a look at the ticket and make sure all is correctly written; signed and went off. it's yours to judge!

sign off-- cv


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