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2010, wut ya all think?

this is frustrating. i can't sleep without thinking about it. i'm well connected, all test result went well. i can surf to any site, use any other services without any problem at all. even my skype are well connected. so what can be the problem? most solution i find on the net doesn't really help. most advise is to check the seting on my computer.

my problem is, i can connect to msn very well with this laptop at any other places. public wireless and even my office. only at home and since i have my old aztech DSL600EU modem replaced with the exact same model. the only diferences is the firmware. i did try to downgrade the firmware but was unable to do so. im so frustrated. i can't communicate with my wife at home.

this is the message i get. error code: 80048820 extended code: 80048439, will be much appreciate if somebody could just help me out.

sign off-- cv


  1. Anonymous  

    hi korkor... i tink is ya firewall bah...try 2 deactivate it b4 logging into msn~ mayb will help coz i use 2 encounter tis prob 2.. n sumtime...is MSN SCREWED UP~ haha... miss u lots... how is dasao? tell her i miss her 2..

    -yinggie mei


    i disable already, im thinking of changing modem or changing chat client to trillian. friends said it is a good chatting client.

    miss ya too.. we just came back from a water theme park "lost world"

    cheers.. t.care

  3. Anonymous  

    hehe okok...btw i juz change my skins yea.. i edit myself de.. u all go c c nice anot?? www.lurveandhatred.blogspot.com

    y u dun1 put chat box @ ya blog? arbo diff 2 contact u all leh...n btw..kor.. u got a nice blog skin..haha.. issit dasao help u do wan??

    n end of yr wanna go jb??? i goin dere 2 stay for a few daes...hope 2 c u dere..if can i'll try driving up 2 pg n find u all okie...cya kor...


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