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2010, wut ya all think?

finally, i dreamt about it for months since i lost my precious moto v3 on my wedding dinner. the brand new lg chocolate, the sexy melt in your mouth chocolate mobile phone. the excitement is undenieable!

let me shout it out! im holding it, i'm owning it. once again, i own one of the coolest mobile phone ever, the silver v3 and now this sexy chocolate; and may i present to you..

sign off-- cv


  1. :: Nicole ::  

    it's a VERY nice phone.. my hubby got one too.. BUT it has a small memory AND not much functions.. oh well, the touch screen is worth it for every penny u pay LG for making the coolest looking phone EVER :P

    p/s: i plan to buy the white one but it's not as nice as the original one.. hehe..

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