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2010, wut ya all think?

those are what i had planted this evening after work. tired but satisfying.

introducing the carrot! [left] this is the funny one, never intended to grow carrot. i'll make it short. went to tesco; bought carrot; keep in fridge; one month passes; something grew, so i take a pot and planted it.. this is what it became. hola!!

next a bamboo tree! [right] always wanted a bamboo tree somewhere in my house, maybe balony maybe the front. hmm. why not both? bought 3, 2 at the balcony and this one; front door.

saw this plant [left], suddenly the idea just flash to me.. i attached it to a wood. those aquarium wood. they name the plant "wallet plant" well it grows kinda wallet shape fruit [??] and small little pinkish flower. gorgeous!

this one on the [right], i have totally no idea what it is. i name it pinky as it have sweet beautiful pink flower as you can see in the photo. my baby wife love pink. so this wont be a wrong plant for her. thick leaves with a lot a lot of flowers around it. according to the gardener; the blossom is non-stop thru the whole year.

finally, my favourite [lavender] we have almost everything in lavender. shampoo, freshener etc. even the name is classy. ok! this one yet to have any flower yet. when those sweet purple treasure blossom out i will upload it ok?

sign off-- cv


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