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2010, wut ya all think?

this is what you need when you just had a newborn in your house and lack of sleep. otherwise the next panda in china with a little s'pore "moh peng sar sau" will be you.

does it really help? ner..!! it doesn't. so next, you might need some cucumber and bla bla bla "everynight", oh not to forget you need the one full with "pitera":(

but it does the scaring trick during bedtime with all the light off

p/s: the real reason.. there is a party coming! :)

sign off - cv


  1. Constance Chan  

    yes definitely! or you'd be pulling your hair out. when baby is present, you and wifey needs to work on a schedule to take turns taking care. otherwise either one may get into such distress and new parents do face squabbles.

    you know why? both of you certainly need some me-time. do it like take 2 nights each with baby so you both get plenty of rest. otherwise, you can look for a part time nanny (believe me) who can come relieve both of u for certain nights of the week. even 2 nights a week is good! you'll appreciate each other, feel more happy, love baby more and helps with u and wifey to bond.

  2. s|lence  

    woah! yes sifoo! thanks for the advise.

    currently i bring him back a night and my mum tok care of him the next night and so on.

    hope he will be fine soon enough without all the crying n stuff.

    p/s: i think u commented the wrong post. lol. "the user fault again"

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