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2010, wut ya all think?

finally my baby orchid is blossoming. in fact both of my long awaited orchid is blossoming. on the left is the new baby, and it's already flowering; on the right is a 6 months old orchid and the flowers is coming out as well. i'm back happy now, since some envy neighbour cut and stole my Poinsettia (chistmas plant) last year.

Well, it's growing back now, healthy and green. it should have turned into bloody red by next month if my stupid neighbour did not cut it off. but for now; it's still a young small green leave baby Poinsettia.

the orchid.

Poinsettia (mine on the left, it should already be in red if not because of my inconsiderate neighbour) at least it doesnt die off. happy enough that it's back to life.

sign off -cv


  1. Wuttisak  

    Nice blog. I will keep reading. Please take the time to visit my blog about Orchid Care

  2. Lao Garfield  

    Poinsetta is very common X'mas plant in Europe. Is it expensive in Malaysia?

  3. s|lence  

    not very la, but compare to other plant, it's pretty costly. looking at like around 50MYR a pot.

  4. Lao Garfield  

    Emmm...I'll get u a pot of Poinsetta when I return to Malaysia next time...(if I can bring it in)...its very cheap here..about 3 - 5 euros per pot

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