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2010, wut ya all think?

The year is 2008, to all parties animal and urban clubbers this is the event we are all wishing and waiting for. Organized in 8 cities, 4 time zones; this will be one of the most outrageous and unforgettable party of a lifetime by connecting thousands of young professional from multiple cities on the biggest night of the year.

Organized by New Year’s Nation, with their 10 years of experience in hosting the most incredible new years eve events in the city of New York are announcing their plan to bring the party across the country. For this year of the mighty 2008, New Year’s Nation will connect more than 8000 guest in eight cities as thousand more to join their party with NYN-TV, New Year’s Nation live broadcast. Yes! The parties will go on live!

Grab your chance on the eve of 2008 and be a part of the greatest New Year’s Eve Party ever organized regardless of where you are. Click on the following respected link of your state/city for further information on how to join this amazing night.

: New Year’s Eve Party in Boston
: New Year’s Eve Party in Seattle
: Denver New Year’s Eve Party
: New Year’s Eve Party in Detroit
: New Year’s Eve Party in LA
: New York New Year’s Eve Party
: Philadelphia New Year’s Eve Party
: For New Year’s Eve Party in Seattle

The clock is ticking, this is a party that you must not miss. Be a part or be discarded. So what are you waiting for? grab the ticket now!

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  1. Joze Foo  

    the party in new york?

  2. - tony -  

    yup and 7 other state!

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