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2010, wut ya all think?

5th january 2008, the big day for a *joker* buddy of mine. after many year of boring date they finally decided to tied the knot. we are all extremely excited for him because he is now closer to us by going behind the metal bar. locked and scrap the wing... hahaha.

below is some photo took's during the dinner night. we head on to a bar later on after the dinner and that was the last thing i remember at the night. my wife said "you are dead drunk".

group photo *girls + boys*

elsa & wendy + elsa & sonia

sonia , bride, joker & me
bunch of crazy fk... + even more crazy fk..
the gorgeous 4 + the cute 6
stanley & esther + daniel iqguin

note! all of us is dead drunk 4 hours after this
sign off - cv


  1. Catherine  

    Hello, just drop by and say hi! So bad can't see both of you clearly from the pictures. Wondering where is your honeymoon trip? If you are interested to ours, feel free to visit here...Hope you enjoy!

  2. 日月神教-任我行  


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