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2010, wut ya all think?

finally, his public appearance since the scandal breakout. quiting the hong kong entertainment industries. no more edison chen only until further notice i'll say. everyone blamed him for almost everything. poor guy.

my opinion, i still don't see any wrong doing on his part others than his own negligent by not carefully handling his trophy collections. people keep saying "bear the responsibility of your own doing". correct!! all the photo took under those sluts knowledge. you can see from the posing of those female actress; they want their photo to be taken. he didn't drug them. so don't blame it all on him. all the star who involve with the photo scandal have to takes the responsibility as well. like an oscar award! you rgive award to the director/actor/actress/cast. not the cinema or dvd distributor only; or worst the public viewer who migh obtain a copy or two right?

the worst in my opinion would be the girl from the whatever "twins". i still remember her innocent (fake) looks and her baby cry from newspaper headline during the candid shot she got while on her performance at Genting Highlands and condemned the worst of Malaysians, and now all her sluttiest cam whore posing. nothing really wrong in having your own naked body photo spread out the internet, the biggest wrong doing is the fucking fake innocent act. to you all stupid fans out there. wake up! you just got "punk ed" by gill.

and lastly by any ?"ordeal"? wtf! as i human being i despise you for your doing, but as a man, i start to worship you. kudos mate!

p/s: edison; i will always remember what you did last year.

sign off - cv


  1. Joze Foo  

    i agree with you. The Gillian really a faker. I remember the Genting incident...he sobbing like siao. Jacky Chan even voice for her.... Now when paparazzi ask for Jacky's comment he is speechless..

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