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2010, wut ya all think?

not sure how genuine this is .. i got it from a forwarded mail so thinking of sharing it with you..

how you spend your monies when you have too much of it? Mr.Donald Trump set an example for all the richie rich on how to get rid of your extra "too much" money.

my next move, to apply for the job as a waiter at any restaurants or clubs that mr. trump frequent to..

click for a larger image if you can't see the number!!

sign off - cv


  1. Joze Foo  

    walau...i oso wan...

  2. jepunlauee  

    wow,if got vacancy,I also want ler,not as waitress but in the toilet to hand him the hand towel also can,hehe..who know maybe he also can give me tips..then I can buy a new lap top...hahaha...

    Then regarding his used hand towel,I might auction it off...keke...

  3. Kikey  

    wah.. so lucky to be his server..

  4. Nancyew  

    I wanna apply for the waitress post. I would polish his shoes too.

  5. constance  

    aiyo so much wor... work yr ass out also cannot earn tat much in a month.

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