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2010, wut ya all think?

Malaysia GE12 Election : The New Beginning;the Sate of PENANG

the breath of new air; new government in the state of penang. finally the peoples speak up and barisan rakyat won as wished by people.

receive numerous of news ad smses regarding a riot that might happen. inside me, this is total bullshit. this is penang at 2008 not 1969. so now we can ignore that. first of i would like to congratulated those who won *remember your promises* (and can you guys clean up the city first?) and sorry for those who lost. as for the candidates that lost the battle *coalition*; i just want to tell you honestly from a opinion of a commoner, it have nothing to do with you. the peoples vote are against the coalition and not the candidates. it's just your luck in this election with the wrong party.

heard on the fm and news on tv, all the political scientist or analyst talking about the "why this is happening" and they came out with this and that. well, in my opinion. there is only a few causes which most of us know what. just nobody have the courage to speak up on national tv or radio.

and to dr. koh, i admire your courage to step-down *even you don't have to do so*, you did a rather good job as CM for the state all these years at least to me.

the most annoying thing after the election is the sleeper is still sleeping and the monkey is still jumping. when is these people going to wake up and face the fact!

keep saying there is no pressure my god!

sign off - cv


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