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2010, wut ya all think?

"about 10,000 of Umno members Rally at KOMTAR Pulau Pinang to reject the abolishment of NEP by the new state government" should be what the media will report later this evening or tomorrow morning.

just came back from being stuck for hours in traffic cause by a rally by some of the monkey from UMNO penang. All because of the new gov announce that they will abolish the NEP (New Economic Policy) and will cause some of these corrupted UMNO monkey to lose all their monies making projects and to change their c-class to a s-class.

So, is this monkey leader of this (without permit) public demonstration will be detain by ISA? like the Hindraf or BERSIH? Well! at least give them some slap for causing me and hundreds of working peoples losing a couple of their precious working hour and few ringgit of fuel by stuck in traffic cause by his "MERELY" 500 peoples of rally? *of funny part i heard, you even get paid of RM80 by joining them*. Man you guys should be ashame of yourself and many many many of my Malays friends is ashame by your act, your party ruin everything.

if the next 13th general election the coalition get defeated again and can't even get a simple majority to form a governmet, we all know who is to blame and what causes all this.

sign off- cv


  1. Caramel Corn  

    wah that's terrible. being paid to protest!!! this type must be detained and also tangkap for rasuah wor.

    got time to do music tag bo..

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