URBAN:TE | penang

2010, wut ya all think?

this is the most realistic i've seen so far. don't blink at 1:29. spooky to the max
it look so real... at least to me. grandma.. where you want to go?

don't worry, this is not some jump out of screen jokes!
sleep well tonight.

sign-off cv


  1. Constance Chan  

    wah liaoooo i had no idea it was gonna be tat wor. i tot just some pervert show.. now i gotta watch my back when entering lifts. aiyo u ah

  2. Taoju  

    hahaha luckily i dare not even watch that video because i'm alone when i read this blog. Thank god. ahahaha really so spooky arh? must jiew my team to watch together hahahahah.

  3. Belle  

    knn!! its 5.30 am adi! 2molo only open lar xD sked i piss in my panties

  4. - tony -  

    haha.. pretty realistic hor this one. spooky sia. lol.. don't use lift midnight lo hoon.

    wah lao, ju! need team to watch bor. extreme nia lu.

    belle...... wash that panties!

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