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2010, wut ya all think?

here comes a video to cheer up your day. pretty funny! Guys, please watch it till the end! that was the funniest part. unbelievable asian. I bet he got to be a chinese.

sign off - cv


  1. K3ViN  

    adoi............. sooo funny nia.....

  2. Constance Chan  

    wakakakaka... that was terriblyyyyyy farneeeeee...

  3. Joze Foo  

    walau the guy really take off his pants some more show his kuku....

  4. Michael Wong  

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  5. kinokoland  

    oh,i had a good laugh watching the clip, very good and love it .thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by my Kinokoland :) kamsiah cheche.

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