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2010, wut ya all think?

my very own iaito katana, japanese trainer sword. not the legendary sword forced by using Tamahagane steel yet still she makes you fall in love.

look at the this beauty; the hamon and everything. a touch to the tip would make you bleed like a baby. yes! i'm not kidding. i bring her out for some bamboo chopping just before i took this shot! never ask me how i get her into Malaysia.


sign off - cv


  1. Constance  

    Almanac Queen saw this and run at 100km/hr speed far far away..

  2. K3ViN  

    wah u should show the bamboo chopping picture also mah......

  3. -crash-  

    im chopping ma, who take photo? lol.

  4. Anonymous  

    still wanna ask how you bring it here in malaysia..wanna share??hehe..

  5. magic apple  

    cool man...where'd ya' buy it from and oh...do you know any other shops selling katana in malaysia if posible tell me the shop in johor..thx

  6. ogc1985  

    where to buy??

  7. Anonymous  

    where to buy...?how much is the price.?

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