URBAN:TE | penang

2010, wut ya all think?

a sinking mighty ship.. holes everywhere. The captain ordering a quick patch. 1 by 1, but there is new holes breaching and water is leaking everywhere; therefore the captain gets panic and thrown his anger toward everybody and force them to patch and conceal the hole by ANY MEAN regardless the safety of his people in order to avoid the salty sea water from entering and sink his beloved mighty ship.
Under a heavy amount of stress they start to patch all these hole as fast and possible regardless “whether it’s a strong or weak patch” as long as it is patched and the water is no longer entering the ship for this very moment.
But some foresee that no matter how fast you patch there will be new holes and those patched hole’s will again re-break and this ship will sink no matter how you try to save it and it's sinking.

A strong light toward the mighty ship. Some sees hope of another ship coming for their safety but the captain....................................................

sign off - crash


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