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2010, wut ya all think?

dear streamyx,

i hereby and on behalf of everybody else who having difficultiesssss accessing almost every single website (including the important google gmail/blogger) domestically or international site this whole freaking week and would like to express our sincerely gratefulness toward your EXCELLENT services.

Also, to your recent released of the FAST and most RELIABLE 4mb line. OMG its almost like a dream come true. But first, fix that fucking 2mb line before you even go any further. it took me like a week to download a 2.4gb file, and also i only manage to finish that download because I'm using a download accelerator because your fucking line keep disconnecting out of the blue.

sincerely, your happy and satisfied customer.

p/s: even your speedometer is not working!! SPEED wor.

fucking off - cv


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