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2010, wut ya all think?

Lucas first swimming attempt, well not really swimming more to soaking in water. Got him a float but he just hate it, want his mum more. Look at that swim suit, like a diving suit sia. He loves water but not by his self, always need to be hugging by his mummy.

it's been a long time since we use the pool; at least now onward we going to use it for good sake.

sign off - crash


  1. Joze Foo  

    wah so fast wan trained your lucas swimming liao ar...? Future olympic swimmer?

  2. K3ViN  

    wah he look sooo cute..... yup u really wanna train future olympic kah? haha

  3. Belle  

    im so so so late!! hes so adorable, and again sizzling wife rofl xD
    sigh.......i dont know how long before my girl could dip in =(

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