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2010, wut ya all think?

omg freaking god! sorry, getting a little too excited. just came back from yamcha with some friends who just back from Permatang Pauh election center. by crowd and supporter DS Anwar seem to win easily. even Hishammudin and KJ got booos!! from the crowd while walking to BN center.

since i'm way too hunger for the latest news from Permatang Pauh, rush back and check on all news website and some blogs. it seems that they have make an estimation winning with majority of at least 10,000 for DS Anwar Ibrahim by tracking from the exit polls. YES! YES! YES!

3P (Permatang Pauh/Parliament/Putrajaya) will come true. We will have a new prime minister soon!!!

more update here, this blog should have the most frequent update on the situation at Permatang Pauh.

sign off - crash


  1. huey mei  

    wow...that is embrassing for those top leader frm BN

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