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2010, wut ya all think?

UGLY BETTY? ner..... this is UGLY TONY!

finally, 9/16 2008. i thought i'm getting a new braces fix on and celebrate a new dawn. guess now it's just my new braces.

there are more invisible type.. ceramic and also with white band. but hell no! you want braces, you wear it with pride! i go for the brightess ORANGE. always my pick when it comes to color. orange with black. :)

sign off - crash


  1. Joze Foo  

    my cousin alwis change colour.... black and white is cool...

  2. Jamie Lynn  

    I think its cool you have pride to wear braces.

  3. Taoju  

    Wow! didn't know that new generation braces with colours.. no wonder i saw a man wearing his shocking blue braces lah! Walao.. i;m so ketinggalan zaman. hahahahha

  4. -crash-  

    thanks jamie.. i think so too ... lololol.

    joze.. black looks dirty ma.. no meh?


    next month i changing it to er... hmm.. multicolor.. hahahha. damn super hiao..!! am so old and yet hiao!

  5. Nancyew  

    Gosh.... sounded like hell. LoL...don't scare my daughter.

  6. K3ViN  

    wah... is tat very pain to wear tat?? i hear it very pain until u cant eat and speak well wor

  7. Taoju  

    Can change colour anytime you like kah? didn't know that.. hahahahaha still in the ape zone.

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