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2010, wut ya all think?

Finally, the secret/private area *not so private actually since both bathroom have a semi transparency glass door*

The pink bathroom is in the master bedroom (my wife wanted it to be in pink, so pink it is) and the black bathroom is the guest bathroom. It came with a bathtub, but i never really a tub guy and it doesn't look like a multimillion bathroom that have a size for a tub.....so i have it remove :P
The guest bathroom have this really cool seat. as you can see, barbwire inside (ouch!). i bought it in singapore, could not find any in Malaysia tho..

*ok door close, out out out... business time :)

Sign off - cv


  1. Constance Chan  

    this is your jamban ka. got those theek teng can chiam kar chnooi one. didn't knwo you so sadist kinky one... lol... tried sending this msg twice.. cannot hope this one does it.

  2. -crash-  

    kinky leh.. lol... it is my precious jamban cover.. lol

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