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2010, wut ya all think?

whoever, fans or not should really watch this mega blockbuster. what can i say, micheal.b is going to bring back a lot of oscar from it, he "ho seh liao lo"

the robot is so real, even when prime is talking, the ear is moving. the transformation put my jaws away. if you look clearly, you can actually see all joint is a moving part when it transforming. holy mama.. how do they do that? it seem so real. the only scene that put me off is that megatron is not killed by prime but by a kid with a "cube". he is megatron for god sake. he can tear jazz aart by bare hand, and you let a kid killed him? otherwise the rest is gorgeous and it does bring back your chilhood, if you know what i mean.

When the machine change, the transformation sound in .wav for your download. best for mobile message tone.

(credit to moses)
sign off - cv


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