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2010, wut ya all think?

D-WAR or supposingly "Dragon War" seem like the next good thing to lookout for. According to the website " D-WAR Movie " is open on the 1st august, but i highly doubt that it going to happen here in malaysia as i did not see any movie by the name of d-war on the upcoming poster or movie list at the cinema. well, maybe because it is not "box office" enough. not a hot pick if you know what i means.

Apparently this movie is a production by the korean, yeah yeah i know.... kia, hyuandai..bla bla is korean made, but hey.. they are pretty good with movie even their car sucks big time. "they came out with this new ascent GTI" but we are not going to talk about that now. Back to the movie, i watch the trailer on the website.. woooahh, impressive. Steven Spielberg look-a-like effect. Can't tell you what th stories is all about because the smart website does not display in english for the story, i see boxessss. But i think it's about the past come back to future, two big serpent "the dragon" fighting each others, some caucasian and a hot chick running around like usual. A young boy or girl "can't really tell the gender sometimes with those children with long blondes hair" with a ancient lock and you know.. those harry potter, narnia stuffs.

Still, from what the website show and what the trailer shown. I think it worth a second look. can't wait for the show in cinema, if the movie even make it to the cinema "not in pirated dvd"


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