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2010, wut ya all think?

as a movie freak that couldn't sleep without watching at least 1 dvd a night let me introduce you to the "said to be the biggest thing ever" new jj. abrams (producer of Lost & Alias) hollywood blockbuster movies. said to be the biggest and most classified ever. the title of the movie was only shown on last friday, infront of the opening of Beowulf. it's now officially being called cloverfield and will be hitting the theatre on 1-18-08.

below the first trailer was released infront of Transformer ;
the trailer that makes everybody wonder.

1st trailer

here is the latest trailer released on the day of Beowulf and you have the official title for the movie revealed as well. surprisingly it's called "cloverfield". not that much of a surprise huh!

2nd trailer

HD trailer 1&2 : http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/11808/

cloverfield official website : (i warn you, this is a weird)
http://www.slusho.com/ (something related)

more clues and news about this movie.
: http://www.cloverfieldnews.com/
: http://www.cloverfieldclues.blogspotcom/
: http://www.projectcloverfield.com/
: http://www.cloverfieldproject.com/

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  1. Lao Garfield  

    Have you seen The Golden Compass yet? Should be a nice movie for the family this X'mas too.. :)

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