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2010, wut ya all think?

well well well! 3:13 in the morning and what the fuck am i doing waking up and blogging at this time. yah, your first guess hit the spot! my son is crying unreasonably lately. everynight, yes! i meant everyday. no! he is not hungry, no! not the diaper, no! supposingly nothing else is wrong. that is why my n my wife are scratching out totally. and yes again, we went to the doctor. he gave me some naval spray. (duh???)

next hint, it only happen at night during his sleep time. cried to the extreme; to be honest, i am getting a little annoyed! stress out! he is still crying now! what da fuck should i do? seriously! i am .. i am... i am.............................. my god! not again..... ..... god! save me!

sign off - cv


  1. K3ViN  

    wah sooo poor 2 hear tat..... do u believe in god? u should bring ur baby 2 seek god help.... i just suggest.....depends on u nia

  2. s|lence  

    ner! not much of a believer. i know what you means by the way, thanks for the advice. i suspect is colic.

  3. Constance Chan  

    hey.. dont worry lah.. its a phase. I went thru tat too. And all my friends as well. Sometimes its colic but sometimes they still cry, some pitch high.

    If u can get a bottle of Infacol. Give baby with last milk before night time. (drop into the milk)

    It prevents gas (tats causing yr baby to cry cos it may be painful). If it doesnt work, don't worry, like i said, its a phase all babies go thru. By 4 months when they can sit up, it will improve.

    Hang in there buddy. *wink*

  4. s|lence  

    pray for the time he will be able to get up by his self. now is really a little stress-out time.

    just back from GMC, dr said maybe stomach got air wor. so give me colic drop. also cos he a little too chubby for 2 1/2 months baby, so his fat more or less did some blockage to his breathing.

    also using lactose free milk for a week or so.. cos he kinda poo a lot yesterday, like 11 time.

    hope after this all ok ler.

    Thanks sis!

  5. Lao Garfield  

    Your baby is having his colic. No worries...sapu the YUE YEE oil on your hand and rubbed them hard against each other and then put your hands on Lucas's tummy...that should do the trick. Also go to the pharmacy to get the MILUPA baby tea drink "FENNEL TEA"..it helps lessen the gas in the baby's stomach. Colic only lasts until 3 months nia. After that no more colic liao. But, look out for sleepless nights for you both also when your baby is about to have teeth lor! That one more painful lor for babies...imagine..teeth pushing out from gum...must be awful feeling specially for small babies...

  6. Belle  

    abit late but try colic drops. dentinox. =D

  7. -crash-  

    very late d la belle............. my son already 18 month now. no more crying edi. anyway.. thanks for the input la. :P

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