URBAN:TE | penang

2010, wut ya all think?


then : censored *xxx*


first week then first month

sign off -- cv


  1. siewSiANlang  

    Hi Tony, inputs for you............
    you have your lovely kid picture on your Skype profile,and you put your Skype name as "Si Lang Bing"
    I believed you don't mean that your kid is Si Lang Bing,correct?If thats the case either you change you Skype name or change the picture.Hope my 2 sen worth input will open up what you overlooked.

  2. s|lence  

    hahaha, thanks SSL... no .. i dont meant my kid. it meant for myself. hahaha.

    by the way, r u master.. cos u look like it..

  3. Kacang Puteh  

    Hi tony,Tks for letting me visit your blog,it looks really very nice.i like it.wow!Your baby look so cutelah,so cubi!!!

  4. jepunlauee  

    wah..Tony..your blog here ah...hehe...u wife and kid ...nice and cute...
    hey .please do link my blog in your blog,ok?

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