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2010, wut ya all think?

baby names .
baby names ..
baby names ...
baby names ....
baby names .....

i'm so stress out, which one sound better? which one have a better meaning? which one is good? thousand to a million of names in databases. i'm going crazy.

we have come up with a few top pick that we might use. for your informations "Leong" is my family name.

1. Leong, Lucas (our top pick for now)
2. Leong, Hayden (too glamour?)
3. Leong, Axel (hard to pronounce?)
4. Leong, Hans (my boss told me this name sux big time)
5. Leong, Kal-el (ok got this from superman)
6. Leong, Jude (love jude law)
7. Leong, Ethan (i like ethan hawke as well)
8. Leong, Josh (this is a hunk!)
9. Leong, Ryan (???)

help!! needed !!


  1. Anonymous  

    Lucas sound like a hunk as well.

  2. jepunlauee  

    hey,how about James Leong?
    Or Dannile Leong,nice name too..hehe

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