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2010, wut ya all think?

chef Gusteau once said, anyone can cook. so i try for this xmas.

start rushing to cold storage (they got real nice vegs) at 6pm, late!late!late! got everything.. drive my car like a ferrari back home, then my wife left to mums place to pick up Lucas. Put on that sissy apron of mine and start preparing. I didnt manage to capture other's preparation as my hand is rather dirty to hold a camera. so i only capture those preparation that requires no tough fried and cooking style. oil at camera equal to no!no!no!.

main course done, i didn't cook much as only for 2 of us. we might not even be able to finish all these.

no dinner is complete with a bottle of extreme chilled white wine and a nice setting.

final part, something i hate to do, but well.. you started it you finish it right? tap my heart and start washing. sob sob.

there you go, my xmas dinner. We went over to my friend apartment where all of us gathered and get wasted with booze (tiger rulez) until 430am. That's christmas!

sign off - cv


  1. jepunlauee  

    it is pronounce as "yoth",tat the correct way of saying it,I confirmed it with many people,including my ang mor friends

  2. Joze Foo  

    wah...nice or not the food?

  3. - tony -  

    erm, ok la. not bad la.. first timer. give some credit ma. hahaha.

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