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2010, wut ya all think?

I came to a confusion when i suddenly realized i might pronounce yacht (boat) wrongly all these while for the past 20 years which i'm pretty sure i did not. But i'm so confused now since I realize 99% of singaporean pronounce yacht as "yoth" and not as "yath". Well, most of them speak english as main language in singapore and as we malaysian speak what.so.ever.a.lot.of.multi.different.mix.up.n.fuckup.language (we do speak a more gentle hokkien at least) so i'm guessing they should have a better and more precise pronounciations?

All these while my benglish (Malaysian/Singaporean broken english) telling me Yacht is pronounce as "yath" and not "yoth". So which one is the correct pronounciation?

Anybody enlight me please? So "yath" or "yoth"

sign off - cv


  1. K3ViN  

    no idea.... cant help u :P
    u have been tagged.. visit this link 4 more information - http://kvnlim.blogspot.com/2007/12/tag-who-is-in-ur-handphone-wallpaper.html

  2. Constance Chan  

    hahaha u know i was in this situation years back.

    well hopefully not to confuse u, since i do live in sg, i agree with u abt how 99% sg pronounced it yotch. AND they all pronounced them wrong!

    its phonetics is pronounced at jat.

    consonents j(y sounding) and vowels at (ut sounding)..

    best way to pronounce is the cantonese YAT..hahaha
    and there is no H sounding in the word.

    so if any singaporean says yatCH. you can safely repeat it YAT.

    hope it helps.. how i found out.
    well ah boy works in a YACHT club for 9 years. he has to know how to pronounced it too mah. aboi lak say nia.

  3. Kikey  

    Thanks for visit my blog.

    As I know, It shd be pronounce as 'Yath' and for u have to pronounce out the 'ch' so is "yatch"

    Happy New Year!

  4. Joze Foo  

    wah...i dunno bout this too...but seem a lot ppl pronounce as as "yatch" like wat kikey said

  5. - tony -  

    hats what i tot, singaporean got it al wrong. should be YAT. but another question came to me. what makes singaporean started it with YOT anyway?

    The original spelling sound nothing like a YOT also. YATCH! there must be something to trigger it into YOT. Hoon, ask ah boy..!! haha

  6. Anonymous  

    Do u mean 'yatch' or 'yacht'. Anyway, I presume it was 'yacht'. The pronunciation is 'yort' without 'ch'.

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  8. lin  


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