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2010, wut ya all think?

as usual, we celebrate the end of 2007 and welcoming the year 2008 drunk in the end.

the different this time was we did not went to a club but an irish bar instead, located at the other side of the island and around 20++ for a pint of draft. guinness and kilkenny of course. unresistable. non-stop order and everyone get wasted again. each of us get a new year pack from the bar as usual, containing some ceebration pop, wisel, mask and et cetera. most interesting was this illuminating self made spec.

below is the photo took with phone camera of some of us.

me & wife

daniel & iqguin + darren & adrian
ck & yammie (joker)
sonia & lai + nelson & me

most of us is already half way to heaven whe we have the photo taken. crazy and pale. thats how we celebrate the great 2008. DRUNK & WASTED ***

sign off - cv


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