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2010, wut ya all think?

promise a friend that i will post this up. you will not believe how cruel this bitch can be. it's a kitten for god sake. what did you really archieve by killing a cat?

warning! this is very disturbing. i couldn't rest my mind well after i saw this. never ever have thought that someone like her would have done something like this. another friend said is there a possibility that it's a fake photoshop photo? well, i hope so but at the same time i dont think so, it looks rather realistic to me.

god bless the cat

sign off - cv


  1. Taoju  

    OMG!!!! This is not a human! Definitely!!

  2. Joze Foo  

    my god.....

  3. K3ViN  

    OMG... tat really kejam lor......

  4. :: Nicole ::  

    F**K that bitch! i don't think it's photoshop.. i can see the kitten's eye popped out.. and the blood.. OMG..


  5. Anonymous  


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