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2010, wut ya all think?

latest shot we took of lucas, he start looking more and more like his mummy isn't he?

he is still rather botak/hairless at the age of 4 months, some told me this is normal because of his hair texture, thin and soft type. both of our mum said, we are the same when we were a baby. so i guess he does get that from us. hahaha.

nurse said he is at the redline of the weight scale, he should be smaller. hahaha. they can't stop pinching him everytime we go for a jab or routine medical check up. proven effectiveness of the technology of formula milk + human breast milk. lol. way too chubby.

i choose from 3 different expression. laughing/smiling, playful and his curious look. hahaha. we love him so much. he is the best thing ever that came into our life.

sign off - cv


  1. Taoju  

    you must build your stamina to entertain him... this guy is no joke hahahahhha..i like the first photo.. looks so cheeky!!

  2. 1+2mom  

    Thanks for droping by to my blog :)

    Your Lucus is so adorable and chubby.Really make ppl like to pinch him..hehe..but aunty will pinch it soft ok?

  3. Joze Foo  

    wan he so chubby...carry him sure very tired hor...wah so young adi wear branded.....

  4. Kikey  

    he so chubby and cute! when i was young also like that one! :D

  5. Hazel  

    hi, first time here, thanks for visiting my blog, ur blog is nice and how to down load a song to put in our blog hah?

  6. - tony -  

    thanks people!

    hazel, check your blog comment. i roughly explained there.

  7. zooropa  

    Lucas is really very chubby & cute! Feel like want 2hug him! Hehehe...BTW, Thx 4dropping-by my blog.


  8. :: Nicole ::  

    wah! u ARE pampering your son with branded clothing eh?? :P

    anyway, i think russ will pamper our kid too IF we have.. hahaha..

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